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What kind of service does Universal Telecom provide?
By signing up with Universal, the line holder authorises Universal Telecom to order pre-selection from the local loop operator to which the client is connected. Upon implementation, we will re-route all local, national, international and fixed-to-mobile calls at the cheapest rate to the user.
What is CPS?
CPS (Carrier Pre-Selection) means that a customer can choose telecom services from different phone companies by using their existing BT line. As a result, they will pay less for their phone calls. Even if they currently have a BT line and are already using services from other telecom companies, CPS may be a more convenient and inexpensive way of doing this. CPS will also make the market for other telecom services more competitive, which in turn, will help to cut prices in the future. By using the CPS voice service customers can dial:
  • International destinations - calls to the Republic of Ireland and overseas to fixed land lines or mobile phones;
  • National calls; to fixed land lines or mobile phones;
  • Local calls to fixed land lines or mobile phones;
  • Special tariff calls (e.g. free-phone, non-geographical and premium rate), personal numbers and paging.

  • Who can sign up with Universal Telecom?
    Universal can connect customers with the following BT subscriptions:
  • PSTN
  • ISDN 2 and ISDN 30 (MSN – Multiple Subscriber Numbering)
  • BT Standard, BT Highway, BT Together, BT Family and Friends, etc.
  • BT Broadband
  • Do I commit myself to something by signing up?
    No. Customers are not obligated to us in any way; we only request that bills are settled promptly.
    Can I cancel my subscription with BT?
    No. You have to keep your BT subscription because BT owns the access to the network, i.e. the part of the network that starts from the telephone socket. It also means that you continue paying your line rental to BT.
    Does it cost anything to sign up for a preselected service?
    No. It doesn’t cost anything extra to sign up for Universal Telecom’s CPS.
    How do I use the prefix code?
    Using the 1664 prefix code is as simple as picking up the phone, all you need to do is place 1664 before each phone number you dial.
    Eg: 1664 1234 567 890 In a matter of seconds your call will be directed to the destination number.

    How do I know that I have been registered for the preselected service and when can I start calling with Universal Telecom?
    It takes about 7 days to connect a customer to Universal Telecom. In the meantime, after your sign up, you will receive an automatic e-mail welcoming you to our company. Universal Telecom will also send a letter to your home address to confirm the registration and change of CPS and to advise of your switchover date.
    From where can I call?
    You can call from all fixed BT landline phones in the UK. There are no restrictions, which means that you can call within and from the UK to every country in the world, as well as to British and foreign mobile phones.
    Do I keep my own phone number?
    Yes, you keep your own phone number, when you apply to sign up for a CPS voice service with an operator other than current provider.
    What happens if B.T. changes my phone number?
    If you do change your phone number, please contact us so we can ensure we move the service to your new number.
    What does Universal consider as a local call?
    A local call is considered as any call within your dialling area code. This means, for instance, that if you call a number in the 1140 area from 1144, this will be considered a national call.
    What does it cost?
    The prices given in the price list are per minute, inclusive of VAT for every call. Connections are all charged on a per-second basis, which means that for a call lasting 1 min. 12 sec. will be billed for the exact time used, and not for two minutes. NB: We don’t have any fixed minimum fee or monthly subscription charges. In other words, you only pay for the time the call lasts; there are no hidden costs.
    How do I pay form my telephone subscription?
    BT will continue billing you for your line rental, as they are your line provider. Universal Telecom will send you an itemised bill to your postal address on the 20th of each month for all CPS voice calls routed through their network. The following payment methods are available: . Direct debit, Cash, Cheque via Bank or Post Office using a Bank Giro Slip, which can be found on the bottom of the invoice.

    Is there a connection or disconnection fee?
    No. There is a 48 - hour notice period.
    What if I move address?
    If you move please contact us again so we can make sure that your phone bill will be sent to the correct address.
    Can I continue using BT select services?
    You will be able to use the following services in the same way as beforehand:
  • 1471 and call return
  • BT Answer 1571
  • Call diversion
  • Caller display
  • Reminder call
  • Call waiting
  • Ring back
  • Number withheld
  • Will I be able to telephone my friends and family who are on cable networks?
    Yes, just dial the number as per normal.
    If I change to Universal Telecom will this affect the use of my current internet provider?
    No, you will still be able to benefit from your current service provider, as both Universal Telecom and the internet are compatible with each other. Each company will bill you individually for the service rendered.
    Who do I contact when I wish to discuss my bill or any query I may have regarding my account?
    Send e-mail to info.uk@uvtc.net .

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